Fall Finale

Countdown to The Robert Huffman Fall Finale


Fall Finale Sponsorship Packet

    1. All participants must be registered prior to fishing.
    2. Registration will close at 8:00 p.m. October 3rd at the captain's meeting at Bridge Bait.
    3. All participants must have a valid Texas fishing license with a saltwater permit.
    4. Anglers are permitted to fish from boat, surf or shore. All rules and times apply to each and all anglers.
    5. No lines in the water before 6 a.m. Friday Oct. 4th.
    6. Boats may leave from any port. Surf and shore anglers may fish from any beachfront or bank.
    7. All legal means of fishing are permitted including lures/ artificial bait.
    8. All fish are to be caught per rod and reel.
    9. All anglers will fish in compliance with IGFA rules.
    10. All fish will be checked for freshness.
    11. Spoiled, frozen, mutilated or gutted fish will be disqualified by a certified weigh-master.
    12. No fish with any foreign object (interior or exterior) will be considered.
    13. Please remove all tackle from fish prior to weigh in.
    14. Winning fish will be determined to be a legal fish size and weight in each category.
    15. Redfish and speckled trout will only be acceptable in the “slot" (Redfish 20”-28” speckled trout 15”- 25”)
    16. Flounder must be a legal length to be entered.
    17. Gigged Flounder can only be entered in the gigged category
    18. Anglers must determine the 3 fish for the “Texas Slam” stringer category before entry.
    19. All fish in the stringer category must be inside the slot.
    20. Any and all are eligible to enter including, but not limited to USCG licensed captains, licensed fishing guides, charter captains and all fish-for-hire individuals.
    21. The weigh station will open at 9:00 a.m. Oct. 5. All boats/ participants must be in line and in sight of a weigh-master by 5:00 p.m.
    22. Any entries after 5:00 p.m. will not be considered.
    23. All final decisions will be made by the tournament director or a designee of the director.
    24. In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed will be considered the winning fish.
    25. The tournament will take place rain or shine with the exception of severe weather.

All fish caught by the participant may be kept by the participant.

  • Final ceremonies will take place approximately one hour after final fish have been weighed and all weights have been recorded.

We reserve the right to refuse any entry form from anyone at our discretion.

Fees to Participate
  • Juvenile Ages 6-16
  • Juveniles fish free when entered with an adult
  • When a juvenile entrant places anywhere on the leader board in any category his/her name will go in a drawing for a lifetime fishing license.

Winners of Juvenile lifetime fishing license will be determined as follows:

Value of $1000.00
**Juvenile must be entered prior to fishing to qualify.**Only one entry per person

Grand prize of heaviest total stringer will be awarded a lifetime fishing license (value $1,000)

    Entry fee per adult $100