Our Cause

The Robert Huffman Foundation was created to maintain the legacy of a man. This man loved helping people, and he loved life. With that in mind, the Foundation was born.

  Our main source of raising funds will be an annual fishing tournament.  THE ROBERT HUFFMAN FALL FINALE. The funds from this including work any other fundraiser will go towards more than one effort.
  One goal is to donate scholarships to local students going into the communications field. Scholarships will be awarded upon both necessity, scholastic aptitude, and efforts towards gaining the said award.
  Also, we will, with combined community efforts, retain a fund to help aid families that have a child undergoing treatment for cancer. There are several expenditures that insurances do not cover i.e.( hospital parking, fuel, food other than hospital food, co-pays, the first bill of groceries upon coming home, new clothes for a child that may have lost weight….) The list could go on and on. These families will be chosen on a community recommendation along with recommendations of other established foundations in this area of need.
   They say it takes a village to raise a child. We say if a whole community comes together as a whole we can help raise up families.

Fall Finale Sponsorship Packet

Through the efforts of several volunteers, our sponsors, dedicated anglers and a generous community The Robert Huffman Foundation were able to donate $1,000.00 to the Arias family to help young Abigail Arias! We only hope that she will be the first of many we will be able to help as The Robert Huffman Fall Finale grows! Thank you to everyone that participated to make this happen. May God Bless this family and heal this baby. Keep them all in your prayers

Thanks to everyone that participated in this year’s event we were able to help another family.

“This was so amazing. We have such an amazing community.

We are hoping in the near future to give back.
I know I have a lot of people who fish. I hope we can get a team together for Kynsleigh this upcoming year.
These ladies are truly gods gift and we cannot thank them enough.” 
Kynsleigh Strong

-Kelsey Maroul